28 Days

28 Days28 Days
©2003 Craig Ashby
Digital Photograph

28 Days is my first post written on the new phone that wouldn’t update the first time I wrote it. Mostly due to a problem with the wifi fighting the cellular. I thought it was very nicely written and am barely holding back total resentment rewriting this.

So the picture is from Houston Street. Named after the zombie movie because of the obvious visual reference. Maybe two lights on at best.

I think New York City always is a place to imagine survival horror. More so than in video games, it is a great place to project the genre. Even without an apocalypse or the supernatural it is a city of survival horror.

That was so clunky. The original writing was concise and more beautiful. Ending with dreams of the apocalypse. This one is just a writing disaster.

What can I say? It’s New Year’s Day and I am so hungover. I haven’t shaved and I am heading to work. Most of all I am trying to replicate a thought I so beautifully wrote two days ago.

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