J-LoLV Printer Fail

J-LoLV Printer FailJ-LoLV Printer Fail
©2010 Craig Ashby
Inkjet Print
7″ x 7″

J-LoLV Printer Fail is the best. The painterly beauty erased to show the actual work that went into the piece. It uncovers another level of imagery hidden under all the color in the originals.

This came from getting ready to move to a new printer. The scanner had broken on my all in one so I decided to deplete the last bit of the ink tanks. What I got was something similar to  a video camera effect.

Plus you get to see the scales so much better. That was all hand drawn. In the paintings it is much more obscured and less obvious. Here it really shines. You can see the idea I had in my head so clearly, which is quite the feat.

I love the revelation of a new piece that doesn’t detract from the old. It’s a different medium and makes a place for itself in the total mythology. It creates its own space in the history.

It’s a great thing that I never let go. Even when one piece has told me to stop the experimentation continues. It allows me to take something into a direction even I can’t foresee.

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