Meatballs In January


Meatballs in January
Digital Art and Audio
©2006 Craig Ashby & Ernesto Repetto

It has been quite a few posts since I have written anything. Well, that is partly true. I have written several times but always erase and leave the post to speak for itself. Not a bad idea, but I think this post needs a little exposition.

These next series of posts are about consolidating the accounts I have on Soundcloud. At first I just had my account for DJ Mixes. But then I wanted to have an account for music that Ernie and I were creating.

Part of this was to create some fake separation. I am sure some part of it was a little bit of anxiety about showing things we had actually written. Another factor was the limited amount of storage you can have on Soundcloud if you are on a free account.

So we created the Ma’am moniker and put just four pieces up. This is the first of those four pieces. A drum and bass track from 2006,

It’s funny how making these things really changes you. For the longest time I really disliked this song. It’s not the kind of drum and bass I personally like. It has noises that really bother me. It screams at me that you can’t always control what you make.

Time has passed and having listened to it several times over the past week I have a greater respect for the piece. The amount of variation is nice. I like the thumpy bass, which I didn’t used to, and parts of the song really impress me. It’s a moment of rediscovery.

The cover is from a previous piece. An ode to Fassbinder, Twombly, Vanderbilt, Nick Knight for Dior and National Geographic. I think the logo is killer. All pyramids and bees. A nod to dead moms and a beloved dead cat.

The remaining three will follow shortly. Enjoy!

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