©1988 Craig Ashby
Digital Photograph

Scratchy is a strange medley of punk and self portraiture. Destroy everything including your own iconography. No idol is safe.

I saw this while doing the scans of old slide images. It is a riff on Wendy Piper’s slideshow from the same class. She did shots of people and places in downtown Los Angeles. Then she scratched through the emulsion to reveal layers of color.

I never used any of the images for my show. All my slides were of digital images. But it called to me. Called to me to remember what experimentation is good for.

A lot of the stuff I have been working on lately comes from a folder called No Objective. A failed attempt at overthinking processes. I really need a moment to rethink everything.

2016 should truly have No Objective. A year of pure experimentation. A year of making without goals. The goal should be exploration in hopes of finding new approaches. To break old habits and create better ones.

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